Monday, June 2, 2014

JGPC 2014 / Johor Gunpla Contest 2014

Was invited by JS Hobby as a guest for the JGPC 2014 / Johor Gunpla Contest 2014. We was provided with transport and accommodation (thanks so much JS Hobby), and we just need to showcase some of our work and to give gunpla workshop on that day.

We reach Johor around 430pm, Friday. Went to the venue to help out and showcase our work. The showcase booth is up, waiting contestant to submit their entries.
03 300x225 02 300x225 01 300x225 Jeff Ho winning entry in 2011 GBWC world champion.59 300x225 Since we travelling quiet far and not with own transport, so i just carry the kits which convenient for travel.
58 300x225 Next morning, Saturday (31 may 2014). Visitors started to gather and waited at the entrance.72 300x225 We are preparing for the workshop. Lim Sherman (orange shirt), Edwin Chong (white shirt), Jeff Ho (Red shirt)
51 300x225 During the workshop. I can’t take selfie that time :p

I show on the fundamental skill of snapfit and removing seamlines. Sherman show the skill to enhance panel lines and adding details to the kits. Where Jeff show them on how to weather and drybrush the kits.
53 300x225 They even setup tables and teach the kids how to build Gunpla. Very thoughtful and it’s FREE!!! 52 300x225 Here’s the entries for the contest.68 225x300 67 225x300 66 225x300 65 225x300 64 225x300 63 225x300 62 225x300 61 225x300 60 225x300 50 225x300 49 225x300 48 225x300 47 225x300 46 300x225 45 300x225 43 225x300 42 225x300 41 300x225 40 225x300 39 225x300 38 225x300 37 225x300 36 225x300 35 225x300 34 300x225 33 225x300 32 225x300 31 225x300 30 225x300 29 225x300 28 225x300 27 300x225 26 225x300 25 225x300 23 225x300 22 225x300 21 225x300 20 225x300 19 225x300 18 225x300 17 300x225 16 225x300 15 225x300 14 225x300 13 225x300 12 225x300 11 225x300 69 225x300 10 225x300 09 225x300 24 225x300 08 225x300 07 225x300 06 300x225 05 225x300 The Champ for the Open category44 225x300 1st runner up56 225x300 2nd runner up04 225x300
55 300x225 57 300x225

The contestant for cosplay54 300x225 The cosplay judges.
73 300x225 Here is another view of the champion entry.71 225x300 70 225x300


JGPC 2014 / Johor Gunpla Contest 2014

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