Monday, June 2, 2014

JS Hobby

Great effort of JS Hobby to organize a gunpla contest for the Johor state. We really need more distributor to promote more on this hobby. We take a short tour the next morning after the contest, take a look at the shop since i heard a lot of it.

To our surprise, the tools and paint display there is much more complete than any of the shop in KL. @_@  Well, just look at the photo.

The display cabinet on what the materials they got. They got plenty of stock in the inventory. jshobby06 300x200 Cement, panel line, retarder, gaianote.jshobby11 300x200 jshobby12 300x200 Thinner for acrylic, enamel and lacquer.jshobby07 300x200
Gaianote II Complete range. @_@ with very attractive price. That’s first in Malaysia!!!!jshobby13 300x200 Mr hobby crystal color, mr hobby, mr hobby aquoes.jshobby14 300x200 Mr color GX series.jshobby15 300x200 Tamiya can spray.jshobby03 300x200 Tamiya acrylic and enamel.

jshobby08 300x200

Pla rod, builder parts etc.JShobby01 300x200 Pla-platejshobby02 300x200
Some plamo other than gunpla.Jshobby04 300x200 Gunhed, metal gear rex and some five star story.jshobby05 300x200 Of course, not to miss, gunpla!!!!
jshobby09 300x200 jshobby10 300x200

Forgot to take the photo on the tools rack…… darn. anyway Do check out their website, they do postage as well.

They will moving the shop to new location, skudai parade level 4. Bigger space and easier assessment.

Address for the new shop:

04-13A, 15, 16, Skudai Parade Shopping Complex.

JS Hobby

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