Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hot Toys Iron Man MK7 projects.

Commission build for hot toys iron man mk 7, to paint it into marvel now version and to heavy damage the ironman.

For the black iron man, i disassemble most of the parts, so i be easy for me to paint. Use gaianote pure black and top cop with mr color GX clear gloss.

925545 661517717262329 607218151 n 300x300 Assemble part by part once i done the painting. The gold is paint over the black.
926796 479714745465457 2091435938 n 300x300 Tint the reactor with clear red.10454151 782673385107002 1768984869 n 300x300 The light on and it will show red. Just like in the comic.924553 539420296187496 437567353 n 300x300 As for the heavy damage mk 7, i cut a portion of the chest piece out, then detail it up with photoetch hexagon mesh, and other PE which used to details up automotive models.10488045 496618363803631 1023430089765610305 n 225x300 The chest piece is assemble and the hole can reveal the detail inside. Repaint on the damage with alclad burn iron, and dry brush with silver. The rest of the body is wash with enamel paint, and minor scuffing with silver paint.10488475 1510260732519316 266391897 n 300x300

Hot Toys Iron Man MK7 projects.

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